Our current staff – Hunter Smith, Lornette Smith, Trevor Senior, Adam Gillison, Matthew Bradshaw, , Stuart Fear, Tom Smith and Michelle Steele are here to supply your every musical need (well, nearly all). We would also like to thank all our customers, past and present for making us what we are today.

Keep on listening, Jumbo Records

We would also like to give a special thank you to all the people who have worked at Jumbo Records through the years.

The old boys and girls in order of appearance:

Full time staff – Madeline Ackroyd, Richard Adams, Mark Agius, Alan Babbington, John Barnes, Dan Bulmer, Andy Campbell, Cindy Caton, Adrian Collins, Adrian Cooke, Justine Corrie, Tino Diplacido (twice), John Dyer, Nina Ebanks, Jean Edmead, Maxine Falk, Adam Foulger, Karen Greenwood, Lisa Harker, Harvard Harriott, Adrian Harrison, Kerry Harrison, Tania Harrison, Mike Hayes, Dawn Hindle, Jonathan (Choque) Hosein, Catherine Jago, Chris Jameson, Ian Johnsen, Leon Johnson, Thom Knapp, Sarah Lawson, Mark Lister, Lizzie Malley, Edward Martin, Adam McNichol, Sarah Neasham, Teresa Neil, James Pearson, Niki Roe, Cathy Russell, Paul Smith, Rachel Stephens, David Stones (twice), Mike Stout, Sue Thomas, Dawn Todd, Karen Walker, Christine Warner, Eren Weekes, Peter Wild, Darren Williams, Deena Wilson and Jonathan Winbolt-Lewis.

Part time staff – Tim Atkins, James Bennett, Mark ‘the computer wiz’ Fox, Lisa Garforth, Ian Gresham, Esme Hambley, Steve Honeyman, Adam Kirk, Zoe Lennon, Liz North, Harriet Pleming, Kerry Preston, Delroy Ray, Joanne Robinson, Lewis Smith, Candice Syan, Briony Thomas and Deena Wilson.