Phasing In And Out


Once in a while something totally original and exciting lands in our laps and inspires us to wax on to our regular customers about it….Be it the illusive ‘Must See Gig‘ or maybe just a great new slice of music we like…Well this is neither yet strangely it’s both….

Interested eh? I thought you might be……………
We had a lovely phone call from British pianist and composer
Neil Balfour
A graduate from Leeds College of Music, he got in touch to tell us about his new composition BEECHWOOD PHASING and we were hooked….Inspired by the music he heard coming from houses on Beechwood Mount at various points throughout the day and night, he’s written a piece that tries to unify all these sounds to create a unique work of art.

And to do that he’s got the WHOLE STREET to participate…

On the 22nd March everyone will receive a CD with individually composed pieces of music unique to their house number. They’ll be asked to set up all their CD players / ipod docks / cars / TV’s near to their doorways and on a signal, at exactly 7:00p.m. . . . they will press PLAY.


Due to the different human response times and variety of sound systems, all the entries will be staggered. This creates an effect called phasing which causes a huge superimposition where a cloud of sound is formed. Some people may hear rain, thunder, waterfalls, aeroplanes, club beats etc. Everyone’s experience will be unique.

BEECHWOOD MOUNT has always been a bit of a bohemian street for musicians and artists in Leeds so it really makes sense that the street would be up for it, and therefore he won’t be irritating any of his neighbours in the process I guess…In fact it’s probably going to end up being some kind of neighbourhood party/love in…There will be various papers and film crews on the night and the piece is also in the pipeline to be published.

So when is it I hear you ask? 22nd March between 6:30 and 7:30pm…