The Spiritual Heir To J R Hartley….

When the updated Yellow Pages advert came on the TV recently the first thing that struck me was, as a person that’s worked in independent record shops most his life, it was actually really well done (especially if you grew up with the original advert)….It could have been a brash ‘Move over Grandad…There’s a new kid in town’ type affair but no, it still retains the original’s quaint, charming appeal and also manages to make people realise that there are actually still record shops out there…Although I bet J R Hartley would be turning in his grave if he knew about the sad decline of the independent bookshops…Apart from the debate about whether Day V Lately’s track ‘Pulse And Thunder’ ever existed (a long lost pumpin’ trance classic apparently) and the occasional ‘prank’ phone call asking for it I thought that was that…But lo and behold,Yell (The new name for Yellow Pages…Which you can get as an app for your phone although apparently my ancient tin can and bit of string won’t do apps) got in touch and asked if we’d like to get involved in a little competition they were running on Facebook…. Normally we don’t like to get involved in those kind of things (Who can remember the ‘Get Your Photo Taken With A Twix Bar Competition??? Anyone….?? Certainly not the person who shall remain unnamed who ate so many Twix’s he was sick on the counter) But since the advert won us over…and the prize is actually REALLY good we thought we’d be game…..All I’ll say is that the next time you come in…Bring a camera!!!


About Jumbo Records

Jumbo records Independent Record Shop will be 40 years old in 2011, and is proud to be completely independent, and very grateful to all customers who help us keep going. Our staff are as passionate and knowledgeable as ever, and enjoy the interaction with all you lovely people so please get in touch.
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